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Welcome Speech


Welcome to 大象彩票是真的吗!



大象彩票是真的吗 (BUCT) is affiliated to the Ministry of Education. While science and engineering programs at BUCT remain particularly strong and well known throughout the country, the addition of innovative programs in the fields of management, economics, law, the arts, education, philosophy and medicine has transformed BUCT from an institution of technological specialties into one of China’s key institutions of higher learning. We are advancing our own tradition of excellence in education through the offering of high quality programs in teaching, research and service to the community. By exerting our own distinctive strengths in carrying out the government’s strategy of reviving China through science and education, BUCT is striving to become a multidisciplinary research university. With our eye on the future, we are successfully responding to the new challenges of a global, interdependent, multicultural, and technologically advanced society. Our goal is to become one of the leading institutions in China as well as an influential university worldwide.


All of the teachers and students at BUCT will continue to carry out the university motto “To be ambitious, virtuous, profoundly learned and to serve the people” We shall espouse the characteristics of being ‘diligent, practical, learned and innovative’ in order to create a positive environment for continued growth. I invite all of you to become more acquainted with BUCT through these pages. I personally welcome you to join our university and experience the excellence of BUCT.


I look forward to the opportunity to meet and speak with you in the near future!


Professor Tan Tianwei

President BUCT