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School Badge

Design description:


  The school badge was designed by the famous designer, Zhu Weili, the creative director of the Beijing Cultural Development Group.

  The main body is a traditional Chinese bronze bell, echoingthrough time and space. The bell implies the melodious music of youth. It represents an orderly campus and symbolizes a harmonious atmosphere.


  The most eye-catching position of the body of the bell is engraved with the first half of the university’s motto, "Hong De Bo Xue” (to be ambitious, virtuous, and profoundly learned). The central horizontal vertical lines are not the only decorations on the bell; propitious cloud patterns decorate the top. The bell also has the Chinese character "technique", which implies the second half of the motto, "Hua Yu Tian Gong”(to explore the mysteries of nature; reform the natural work for better services for human beings). The numbers "1958" at the bottom of the bronze bell indicate the year when BUCT was established.


  The bronze bell is surrounded by a symmetrical pattern that forms the name of BUCT in both English and Chinese. There are changes in the regularity of the design; this represents the   innovative and creative spirit of the university.


  The main color is blue, which is refreshing and lively.





Hong De Bo Xue: ambition grand, moral noble, wide knowledge. Hong: width. Lu Ji "hanging Wei Wu Dili": " The brilliant magnificent principles and erudition make Cao Pi seemed like, he could support the moon and sun brighter." De: moral. "Yi ·Qian ·Wenyan": " become a good human being from many practices with magnificent principles ." Bo Xue: erudition. "The Analects of Confucius Yong Ye ": " a man become erudition from lots of studies. Hua Yu Tian Gong: to explore the mysteries of nature, reforming the natural work for better services for human being, indication of university itself "chemistry". Hua Yu: natural grow up and fertilized every living things. "Guanzi Xinshu": "fertility to all things that is an essential moral." Tian Gong: fully nature, controversy to man made, idiom like " wonderful artical excelling nature ", Zhao Mengfu in Yuan dynasty said that in one of his work as “ to fireworks creator": “ the creators invented medicine or fireworks, make the night as in daytime.. " Song Yingming of Ming dynasty " Tian Gong Kai Wu" is a world wide known science and technology book, it showed the performance of our ancient in the wisdom of science and technology and creation.

Song of BUCT

大象彩票是真的吗 song description :

  The song of BUCT has the official name, “The Light of 大象彩票是真的吗”.

  Lyricist: Wang Kaichuan

  Composer:Zhang Piji

  Lead singer: Tong Tiexin

  It became the official song of the university in September, 2004


  The creation of the song took more than a year.The lyrics were written by the famous writer Wang Kaichuan. The lyrics reflect the unity, dedication, hard work, diligence and spirit of innovation of the teachers and students. The music was composed by the famous composer Zhang Piji. The melody is beautiful, and the rhythm is bright. The song encourages and inspires people.